Smartphone Tips: This is also a reason to fill up your phone's storage...


Smartphone use is linked to everyday life. A lot of user information is saved on this device. Over time, with excessive use of the device, the storage starts getting full.


The reason for storage being full is the apps, files, photos-videos, and songs present in the phone. To free up space when the storage is full, our first attention goes to deleting this data.

At the same time, most of us users forget the message box of the phone itself. However, too many messages on the phone after a time also start occupying the storage.

Important messages may not be deleted from the phone
Smartphone users also ignore the message box because the messages often contain useful information. If any detail is deleted, it may be difficult to recover the message.

The OTP present in the phone is used to fill the message box. What if the OTP gets deleted after the completion of the work?

If you use Google Messages, you can enable the auto setting to delete OTP.

How to auto-delete messages from your phone
First of all, you have to come to Google Message.
Now you have to tap on Google Profile on the top right side.
Now you have to tap on Messages Settings.
Now scroll down and tap on Message Organization.
Now the toggle next to Auto-delete OTPs after 24hrs option has to be turned on.

OTP will be deleted after the work is completed
Actually, OTP i.e. One Time Password is very important for every smartphone user. Deleting these passwords means your work gets stuck. If you keep this setting enabled then there will be no need to worry.


Passwords are deleted from the phone only after their usage is over. As we know OTPs remain valid only for a few minutes, so with this setting, OTPs are deleted from the user's phone only after 24 hours i.e. exactly one day. That means they will be deleted only when their use is completely over.
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